Certified High Level Coaching

 At Coast Wrestling Academy, we strive to provide the highest level of coaching available.  The Academy’s Coaching Staff have themselves competed at a highly competitive level.We believe it is extremely important for young wrestlers to be exposed to many different coaches and coaching styles throughout their development. All of our coaches rotate among each of the Academy programs and CW Academy strives to bring in top level professional and international coaches from around the world to work with our youth wrestlers.

The most successful  Development Women's wrestling program is Canada. Coast wrestling women represent over %60 of BC's provincial team and have Canada's number 1 high school wrestler . 

The Coast Wrestling Men's Academy have had a long  tradition of National Champions and consistently a the top Canadian programs since our inception.  But what makes us most proud are the thanks that we get from mothers and fathers for helping their young boys grow into great men and providing Elite Educational opportunities for their children.

Our Vision

The goal of Coast Wrestling is to be the best student-athlete based wrestling program in Canada. 

In the pursuit of excellence, the student-athletes will be leaders in the classroom, community, and in the wrestling arena. Continually focused on education, teamwork, innovation and competition, Coast Wrestling's long term development model will allow investment into elite and safe coaching techniques, athlete development, and competition against the top wrestlers in North America. 

The program aims to become a top 40 ranked wrestling program in North America